Le blues du Monoprix

Le blues du Monoprix

Quand le Monoprix se met à te manquer après 8 mois d’expatriation dans un pays limitrophe ça veut dire que tu commences à avoir le bourdon sérieux.

C’est drôle comme la perte de repères peut générer des besoins et des manques assez atypiques.

Mais attention ce n’est pas n’importe quel Monoprix que me manque. C’est le Monoprix de mon enfance. Certes à cette époque très lointaine l’enseigne portée le nom de Prisunic mais le magasin reste le même, au même endroit, avec les mêmes caissières qui m’ont vu grandir et qui me demandent à chaque passage comment je vais et de bien vouloir passer le bonjour à ma mère. « Comment vont ton frère et ta sœur ? »

Ces phrases de rien du tout. C’est contacts superficiels bien que récurrents qui font comme une cartographie du quotidien. Des points d’encrage de rien mais des points d’encrage quand même. Aujourd’hui plus personne ne me demande des nouvelles de ma familles c’est bien légitime ils ne les connaissent pas.

Finalement est-ce que ce n’est pas pire de ne pas être chez soi dans un pays qui ressemble en de nombreux points à celui d’oú l’on vient ?

On dirait la France, je regarde la télé française, écoute la radio française, les gens parlent français mais ce n’est pas la France. Je trouve ma confiture préférée mais pas mes pâtisseries ni mon bon pain et encore moins le bon vin et le bon fromage.



No Japan in Brussels

No Japan in Brussels

So, It has been over 8 months that we have moved to Brussels now and I sadly discovered that there is not much to do here for Japan addicts like me.

I have to admit that I really miss not being able to go to the Japanese bakery and have an Ichigo no shōtokēki (イチゴのショートケーキ). Actually I miss those so much that it makes me want to cry…

No more okonomyaki, takoyaki, Umeshu… No exhibition, No shops…There are a couple of Asian supermarket but yeah…no…No Japanese nailart place. I could carry on like that for a very (too) long time.

Of course there are Japanese restaurants here but no has many as you can find in Paris. I know I am being a bit snob here but you, my Japan addicts friends, could you imagine living in a place where there is none of those beautiful things that make you smile and make your heart and hurt vibrate to the look, sound or smell of it?

If by any chance there is a couple of Japan addicts like me who have a couple of good spots to share in Brussels I beg you to message me!


Asian women are hypersexualized (?)

Asian women are hypersexualized (?)

Here is a video that has been posted on a Facebook group that I am part of:AFJKP Kokoro Paris – 日仏協会 心パリ

I never considered the question of how Asian women are perceived by men in general. I often heard comments like  » They are easier to manage », « Japanese women are perfect girlfriends but ball breaking wives », etc.

What do you think?

Summer Japanese inspired drinks

Summer Japanese inspired drinks

Here in Brussels this week-end we had a preview of what a summer in Belgium can be.

As a japanophile I was wondering what kind of Japanese, healthy drink I could get to overcome my thirst.

Mariage Frères has a whole range of what they call « French Summer iced tea » (not sure what is so French about them or it is just a marketing argument) Among the wide variety of iced teas they offer one has caught my eye (and possibly my wallet): The Summer Yuzu.

Kusmi offers an other kind of Japanese flavor: Frozenmaicha (14€/10 bags). I would not recommend matcha iced tea for people who are not used to non sugary drinks. It might leave a leafy feeling in your mouth. I personally love matcha and it is known to be really good for your health.

Gryphon Tea Company has an impressive range of iced teas. My preference goes to the Summer Peach (5.80€/50 gr). I am not sure of the provenance of that black tea but peach is for me one of the most common summer fruits to have in Japan.

Tea wise you are all set for Japanese inspired refreshing drinks.What about containers now?

In order to do things properly you will have to get a proper iced tea carafe. Kusmi iced tea carafe is pretty and simple (25€).